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Our world

 We are all about jewellery for every day, every occasion and everyone. We believe jewellery are small things with a big meaning. It is an expression of you. No matter if you buy it for yourself, as a gift or receive it from a friend it will make a difference.

For you

We design and create for you. For you to shine and express yourself. You inspire us to keep exploring new details and expressions. It is for you we do what we do. You’re living our mission alongside us.

We feel strongly about

Creativity, freedom, nature, kindness, and having fun – each of them are equally important to us and we aim for them to shine through our brand and products.

Creativity – is change. It unblocks old patterns and ways of doing things. It open up new ways to see things and express ourselves.

Freedom – we need freedom to exist and to explore.

Nature – nature is pure, it inspire us and give us energy. It needs to be treasured and respected.

Kindness –it’s cool to be kind. An including and friendly environment set us free. We believe that kindness is a chain reaction and what you give you will also receive in return.

Having fun –having fun is vital. What would life be without laughter and having fun?