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New York - Multi styling kit

Mix, style & missmatch! This high value set can be styled and used in many ways. The pendant is removable from the hoop whitch makes every set include a matching pair of hoops to wear as they are or to style in different combinations. The set also includes small studs to style. Perfect for a second hole or for the trend of missmatching.


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Delicate layering

Check out our plain chains, perfect to create & build layers or simply wear as they are. Choose between different styles and gold or silverplating.





Start your week styled in our new line, New York. 
Available online and in stores.
New arrivals

Mix, style and mismatch!
Our new line, New York, is available in stores and online.
New Arrivals 

Colorful earrings for extra glam and sparkle. 

Check out our new line Palma, available online and in stores.
Sunday breeze
Friday Pearls
New arrivals in collaboration with @cancerochallergifonden 🦋

Vi har lanserat 2 nya fjärilssmycken i samarbete med @cancerochallergifonden. För varje sålt fjärilssmycke går 50kr till forskning för framtiden och hjälp idag. @cancerochallergifonden arbetar både förebyggande via stöd till forskning för bättre cancervård och mot allergier men även hjälp idag till patienter som drabbats och behöver ekonomiskt stöd. 

Tillsammans gör vi skillnad 💕

The story behind SNÖ of Sweden

Ever since we started Snö of Sweden in 2002 we’ve been all about creating for you. To make jewellery for everyone, every day and every occasion. This has become our mission and statement. To create the timeless pieces that you, our customers ask for. We are a team situated in split locations and with various functions, ranging from design, economics, creatives, warehouse to production. No matter if we work from our head office in Östersund, our creative office in Stockholm or in our production in Beijing, we are all equally important and all functions bring value to our brand and company. This is what make us strong and able to deliver jewelry/a brand that we are proud of.