Rimii is our bohemian series that will take you from spring to summer in a colourful and fun way. Rimii is made to combine with the soft materials and colours for spring. This series works just as well with a linen shirt and blue jeans as summer days in a bathing suit.


Luisa is the sparkling series that makes a grander every day. We have used the beautiful colours from a soft powdery pink all the way to a darker emerald shade of green. This series will glam up your day and outfit in a second. Choose your favourite colour to welcome spring.


Penny is our modern take on the classic pearl and will be effortless to wear this spring. The soft shape of the freshwater pearl is the perfect contrast to the structured surface we have given the plain coins. If you want to be on trend, make sure to layer your necklaces; we have made a perfect combination to start with.

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