Fashion and beauty blogger Hanna Louise tells us all about her inspiration and favorite jewelry right now from SNÖ of Sweden. With her passion for sewing and designing her style adds a little extra spark with colorful and modern combinations. Her moto for her jewelry combination is "More is more".


1. Who´s your personal style icon and inspiration?
The swedish girl Jannid Deler is my favorite style icon. I love her outfits and her fashionstyles. Her colourful dresses and lifestyle is an inspiration for me.

2. What is your favorite shopping destination?
I belong to the girls who often buy outfits online at Zalando or Asos. But the most of my dresses are selfmade. In my freetime I spend my time in sewing dresses. I love it to create my own outfits and dresses.

3. What´s your go to everyday look?
My everyday outfits are always colourful. I´m often wearing dresses although it is winter ☺. What I don´t like to wear are tight pants. They are so uncomfortable☹.

4. Must-Have piece in the season´s collection?
The Must-Have piece you absoloutly need are big earrings. The earring and bracelet of the Pre Spring collection „Noemi“ are the best eyecatcher for your outfit. I love big and showy accessoires.

5. What songs was latest played on your spotify?
„shape of you“ Ed sheeran

6. What is Fashion for you?
Fashion for me mean creativity and freedom. I can express myself with Fashion. The own feeling and thoughts can be expressed in fashion.

7. What colour dominates your wardrobe?
Everywhere you look you will find the colour „pink“. So most of my clothers are pink ☺.

8. Favorite item in your wardrobe?
I love to wear dresses and skirts. They are comefortable and feminine.

9. Your favorite designer?
Vivienne Westwood! Because of her colourful and showy hair. My first piece I bought was the rubber boots of her collection. Her clothers are extraordinary and high-fashion.

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